About Us

About Us

Company History – After more than 40 years in the industrial gas business, Wayne Bohannon and Jim Klatt started U.S. Cryo Carriers to transform cryogenic transportation utilizing technology to improve safety, driver satisfaction and customer needs. Wayne’s 18 years with a major industrial gas company included being the President of both the U.S. Healthcare and the Industrial divisions.

Jim’s 22 years with a major industrial gas company included being the Chief Financial Officer. Jim’s responsibilities also included information technology and procurement.


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Wayne and Jim’s experience leading businesses enables U.S. Cryo Carriers to have critical insights into the importance industrial gas has for the industrial gas end users. From supporting on-site customers to reacting to plant outages, U.S. Cryo Carriers’ team understands the needs of the industrial gas companies. U.S. Cryo Carriers is designed to support the long-term relationship industrial gas companies build with their customers. From delivering nitrogen to food processors to transporting argon for steel manufacturers, our safe and reliable drivers provide customer focused service while leveraging technology to consistently improve our performance.